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Data transfer from MetaTrader to the Web has never been so easy!

Publish your data to the Web in a fast and reliable manner! It is free!

You decide, what data will be transferred, and how frequently.

Get your data Online through a simple API (JSON and WebSockets are available), or check it on HTML page.

Built by developpers for developpers!

The client code is fully open sourced*, and does not contain hidden threats or malwares.

Interface your applications with our service to improve system performance with no charge**.

Cutting-edge data delivery technology

Submit data as often as you need. It's free.
Fast Perfomance
The data is updated every minute or every second - according to your choice.
Top Security
Technology is fully Open sourced. You decide what data will be transferred.
Low network footprint
Extremely efficient data transfer protocol allows to work at any connection speed.
Get started now - it's easy!

Download source files from the official repository, compile the Expert Advisor, attach it to any chart. Your data is online!*

You can also use our data transmission technology in your systems and services, for free**.

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